Mr. Erhard Charles Andreae, 55 years old, an independent mechanical engineer in the field of surface treatment for 25 years, patents a particle filter for paint booths, collapsible, disposable, made of cardboard and operating on the principle of inertia separation.

Andreae Filters is founded. The manufacture is done by hand in a garage with a worker at a rate of 6 m2 per day. E-C. Andreae sells door to door in Switzerland.


The Binks Manufacturing Company (Binks), a US and World No. 1 paint booth manufacturer, buys Bullows Ltd. UK and is interested in the Andreae filter.

Exclusivity is granted to Binks for all of its subsidiaries around the world, which will give Andreae filters a lot of notoriety as Binks starts producing a line of spray booths under the “Binks-Andreae” brand.


Mr. Robert Andreae purchases Andreae Filters. The production tool of Andreae Filters is modernized and the internal organization improved.


Andreae Filters patents a high
efficiency filter (HE+).


Extension of the Andreae Standard and HE + filter range with the introduction of a high capacity filter (HC) and a high productivity filter (HP).


The invention of the "Andreae" filter and the company celebrate their 50th birthday.


Andreae Filters becomes an AEREM brand

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