Pads installation

Pads installation

The pad filter support installation

1. Insert two straight tines behind the filter frame. (Frame shown depicts a cell opening in an existing spray booth exhaust bank). The straight tines will run vertically, up and down but can be positioned horizontally.

You may insert either the top or bottom pair, it does not matter which end is inserted first.

Front view cell frame

Straight tines behind the filter frame

2. Push the wire support grid into filter frame, sliding grid up or down so that the remaining two straight tines can also be positioned behind the filter frame.

3. Once all four straight tines are behind the frame, slide the support to center it within the frame. It is not necessary to position the support perfectly.

Rear view of filter frame showing all four straight tines positioned behind the filter frame. These may overhang the frame more on one end or the other, depending on how well the support is centered within the frame.

It is not necessary to perfectly center the wire support.

 Back view cell frame

Four straight tines positioned behind the filter frame

4. Secure Andreae Filter within frame: tuck first rear pleat of the filter between bent tines and filter frame.

The tines will puncture the polyester backing of the filter when installing the Andreae High Efficiency Filter, but this does not affect the filter’s performance.

 Front view cell frame

Filter is held between the bent tines and the filter frame

Pads installation

The pad frame installation

Andreae Wire Supports is necessary for the installation of Andreae pad
size filters: 20 x 20 inch and 20 x 25 inch (50 x 50 cm and 50 x 63.5 cm).

An initial adjustment of the wire supports is required for proper fit.
Over bend wires to allow 1/8 in (0.32 cm) gap between wire support
arm and frame wall.

The pad is already cut

Example of 20 x 20 inch (50 x 50 cm) pad (14 pleats)

One time installation

If you are changing from other media, we will provide Andreae Filter Supports free of charge.

Please fill in your email and region to proceed.