Andreae Filters – High Capacity

Rigid Structure

Capacity Strips

High Capacity


Load Efficiency


High Solids

Polyester Bi-Components

The Andreae HC Original Filter has a loading capacity up to 5 times higher than any other filter type on the market. Its unique structure allows formore paint deposit areas and a more even and in depth paint loading. The HC is made with layers of heavy “kraft” paper, punched, pleated and glued together with additional large paper strips on the front to offer a higher load capacity.


Load lb/ft2

Lacquers 2.86

High Solids 3.43

Polyester 3.72

Efficiency %

Lacquers 93.90

High Solids 98.30

Polyester 98.20

Recommended Air Velocity

0.5 to 1 m/s

Pressure drop at / by

0.5m/s 20pa

0.75m/s 30 pa

1.0m/s 40 pa

Ma. recommended pressure drop

128 pa (possible up to 256)