Andreae Filters – High Productivity

Rigid Structure

Capacity Strips

Top Capacity

Top Efficiency


Load Efficiency


High Solids

Polyester Bi-Components

The Andreae HP Original filter combines the performances of the High Capacity and the High Efficiency filters. The HP is made with 2 layers of heavy “kraft” paper punched, pleated and glued together, completed with a polyester layer and additional large paper strips. It is the best-in-class choice for demanding spray booth operations.

Load lb/ft2

Lacquers 2.96

High Solids 3.55

Polyester 3.86

Efficiency %

Lacquers 98.50

High Solids 98.80

Polyester 99.70

Recommended Air Velocity

0.5 to 1 m/s

Pressure drop at / by

0.5m/s 21pa

0.75m/s 32 pa

1.0m/s 42 pa

Ma. recommended pressure drop

128 pa (possible up to 256)